Restaurant BWThe SwiftPOS software provides the perfect solution to meet the requirements of Restaurants that contain a mix of Table Service, Waiter Station and Bar Sales.

  • Graphical Table Layout Designer with automatic layouts for different times of the day.
  • Displays current table status on table layouts.
  • Names and Covers on Tables.
  • Seat Numbering.
  • Join tables or transfer tables.
  • Add unlimited free text for special orders.
  • Forced Modifiers for cooking instructions and sauces.
  • Serve Entree’s as Mains or Mains as Entrees.
  • Bistro service where multiple orders paid individually on a table are only sent to the kitchen as a single order.
  • Split Items and/or split Bills with multiple EFTPOS payments or account charges for a single table.
  • Supports multiple Kitchen Printers with advanced printing options. Customer meal orders to the Kitchen printers have a larger, easier to read format.
  • Links with multiple Kitchen Video Monitors.
  • Table ordering with SwiftPOS Mobile features.
  • View and Print Blackboard Specials with full Menu details.
  • “Sold out alerts with stock on hand displayed on the button.
  • Links to Menu Boards with warnings on sold out items.
  • SwiftPOS Reservations is fully integrated with table layouts and for booking specific tables.
  • Reservations links with Customers in the back office for integrated Customer loyalty.