Club Point of Sale

Stay on Top of Business with Our Club Point of Sale Systems

The Point of Sale is the crux of business for clubs and their owners. With members flowing in and out spending money at all times, the POS system remains the pulse of your finances, and the advanced hardware and software offered by INFINITePOS help you keep your finger on it. Our SwiftPOS system is easy to integrate into your existing business and provides massive benefits. You can manage inventory control, accounts, membership, and loyalty programs all through one piece of software, with the ability to also integrate door control systems. Let this increased efficiency breathe fresh life into your club.

Get custom club Point of Sale solutions to easily track your gaming business

With gaming machines an important earner for many club venues, you can rest assured INFINITePOS have sought to integrate them with our club Point of Sale systems at the fundamental level. Our SwiftPOS hardware and software is capable of live interfacing to many different brands of machine, including: IGT, Ebet, Aristocrat, Konami, Bounty Systems, MaxiCa$H, Flexinet, and Systems Express.

Track valuable gaming data to improve the overall efficiency of your business. Combine it naturally with the SwiftPOS membership and promotions functionality to automatically target promotions towards members who support your business. Export the financials automatically to your favourite accounting software in the back office. SwiftPOS makes it easier to run your club better.

Automatically handle membership loyalty and reward programs through our POS solutions

As Sydney’s leading supplier of POS systems, INIFNITePOS are ready to tailor our solutions to fit the needs of your club. Establishing and maintaining a program of paid membership is one of the most involved – but rewarding – aspects of club management. SwiftPOS can make it easier to handle at every step, allowing you to register members and print membership cards directly from the POS.

In addition to handling all backend tracking of membership payments and details, our club Point of Sale systems can help you manage member door prizes, incentives for timely fee payment, and other member-specific promotions. Whether or not you currently have a membership program, SwiftPOS can take it to the next level.

Work with our team to create the ideal POS solution for your club

If you’re looking to upgrade your POS systems, the specialised integration staff at INFINITePOS would love to help you plan your transition to SwiftPOS. We have helped hundreds of clubs, pubs and other businesses improve their POS practices, and we will ensure you are totally prepared to utilise your new system as soon as possible.

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