General FeaturesMP900227717[1]

  • Integrated Scales and Scanners.
  • Integrated with pre-packaged items sold by
  • Easy to change prices and update all
    the POS Terminals automatically within a few seconds.
  • Mix and Match promotions to package up any number of
    custom promotions.
  • Manage full stock control
    and easily identify any shrinkage or theft.
  • Weekly Specials and Promotions.
  • Customer Advertising Displays.
  • Automatically manage weekly specials and promotional
  • Print shelf labels with bar codes
    with the label designer.
  • Print promotional
    shelf talkers up to the maximum size of your printer.

Stock Control

  • Manage reorder
    points based on sales history.
  • Set minimum and
    maximum stock levels to best utilise shelf space.
  • Monitor inventory levels and reduce overstocking,
    shrinkage and theft.
  • Increase stock turnover
    and reduce the amount of inventory sitting on shelves.
  • Track price changes and review performance over any
  • Use a hand held PDE for stock-takes,
    transfers, orders and price verification.
  • Download invoices from major suppliers in Australia and
  • Complete Electronic Journal of every
    transaction made at the POS Terminals.

Report options

  • The report
    options menu gives you the ability to select any date range for the
    reports. You can print, email or export the reports to Excel for
    further analysis.
  • Half hourly sales with
    average sale per customer and customer count report to assist with
    staffing levels in different multiple locations.
  • Top selling products by quantity or value.
  • Show customer counts and average customer spend for each
    day of the week.


  • Print Invoices and
    Statements for all account customers.
  • Auditing
    and Administration
  • Link to MYOB for payment of
  • Monitor staff performance with
    staff clock-on/clock-off attendance reporting.
  • Full range of audit reports to track no-sales, cancelled
    sales and voids.