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POS Systems – The Ideal Hospitality Solution in Sydney And Beyond

Are you ready to transform the way you run your business? Do you want to reclaim more of your time doing the things you love?

INFINITePOS helps businesses across Sydney and NSW implement tailored Point of Sale (POS) systems into their hospitality business to increase productivity, reduce management workload, and take advantage of our smart pricing system based instantly on demand and business. Get more people in the door and give them more of your time with POS systems.

Get more time doing what you love

Chances are, if you’re running your own hospitality business, you’re passionate about what you do. Whether you live for the bar banter with your locals at your pub, or you love to serve that perfect cup of Blue Mountain Coffee from your café, you do what you do because you love it.

Unfortunately, running any hospitality operation includes an at times overwhelming amount of logistical work – planning, management, paperwork – that can eat away at your time. Being knee-deep in inventory on early mornings, or spending late nights filing loose receipts, it can be easy to forget why you got into the business at all.

With our hospitality specialised POS systems, we’ve got some good news for you.

POS systems: Your hospitality helper

With our hardware and software, you can have your customer flow gathered and analysed by cutting-edge algorithms, have your inventory assessed in real-time, consolidate table and bar orders, and so much more. We can help you better assess when it might be good to throw on a happy hour to draw more customers in a lull, or when you might better benefit from an increase in prices. Have your paperwork digitally stored automatically, so that you can access them from home or anywhere else.

More than hospitality: businesses we make smarter with our POS systems

We’ve got state-of-the-art hardware and software available to you, so that you can pick and choose what would work best for your venue. If you’re unsure and would like advice, we’ve got oodles of experience with hospitality businesses just like yours and can help you make the best decisions for you. Call our Sydney offices today on (02) 8004 6959 to discuss your options.