Pub Point of Sale

Improve Your Pub Point of Sale System with Innovative Efficiency Features

The right POS system can transform the way you do business – for the better. INFINITePOS are the Sydney specialists in delivering powerful, multifeatured POS hardware and software, designing the overall result to best serve each client’s needs.

For a bustling pub or restaurant, the added functionality of our systems can make your day-to-day management much easier. Automatically manage pricing based on trading times, scheduling happy hours with complete freedom or having prices scale up during live music nights. Have your system track sales reporting separately for different sales locations, but maintain a single view of inventory which is updated in real-time.

Get an intricate view of your customer activity and control your business all from your POS terminal

It’s easy to increase your sales and drive business when you can identify where that business comes from. The fully-featured pub Point of Sale systems provided by INFINITePOS are able to effortlessly collect the data you need as well as giving you a range of ways to apply it. Our systems are the ideal hospitality solution as they can integrate table and bar charges while maintaining full inventory control, consolidating orders for a table, deliver individual cooking instructions to the kitchen, and track orders for a function against a pre-set bar credit limit – and they can do all of this automatically.

For those businesses looking for an even more ambitious POS solution, INFINITePOS will rise to the challenge. We offer systems which support the printing, issuing, and tracking of electronic membership cards, allowing patrons to sign up online or in-person for loyalty rewards. Our SwiftPOS software allows for you to further promote your venue to members via email, letters and SMS. Our system can also be configured to accept charge cards and loyalty drink cards to help you establish your customer rewards system or even a totally cashless venue. With these options on the table the choice of how your business runs is up to you.

For these reasons and more, restaurants, quick-service restaurants, clubs, cafes, bottle shops, and bars across NSW and beyond are implementing smart POS systems into their everyday operations.

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