SwiftPOS Touch Clerk Log-on ModesRF Clerk BW

  • Fast Clerks linked to individual Cash Drawers for Cash Security.
  • Wrist Band Readers, Magnetic Card Swipe, RFID Proximity Readers, Biometric Finger Scanners for access control.
  • Clerk security based on Clerk Groups and can restrict access to any key on the POS.
  • When running multiple clerks, existing sales on screen are automatically held or recalled when the other Clerks log on.
  • Clock in, Clock out with multiple breaks creates summary payroll data in the back office.
  • More SwiftPOS Touch features.

Back Office Staff Management Features:

  • Time and Attendance Reports keeps track of clock-on, unpaid breaks and clock-off times.
  • Your POS Terminals become your time clock readers using Magnetic swipe cards, bar coded staff cards or Proximity Card Readers.
  • The system enables the highlighting of absenteeism, attendances and late arrivals for quick verification.
  • Extensive clerk reporting and staff commission scheme based on product group sales.
  • Half Hourly sales reports by location to assist with staffing levels.
  • Combine time and attendance tracking with employee scheduling and payroll packages for tighter integrated control over your entire staff management process.
  • Search facility to view any sales transactions for a particular Clerk.
  • Links with security cameras for any suspect transactions.