MP900390128[1]SwiftPOS Touch Stock Features

  • Transfers at the POS.
  • Search for stock availability in other locations or warehouses from the POS.
  • Stocktake at the POS.
  • Write off Wastage at the POS.
  • Process Supplier Invoices at the POS for daily deliveries at remote sites.
  • Add bar codes at the POS Terminal.

Product Management and Stock Control Features

  • Easy to change prices and update all POS Terminals within a few seconds.
  • Weekly specials and promotions set up in advance.
  • Automatic Happy Hour price changes for any PLU at any time.
  • Price Label Designer to customise your own shelf labels and price tickets.
  • Store Photos for each product.
  • Monitor inventory levels and reduce overstocking, shrinkage and theft.
  • Increase stock turnover and reduce the amount of inventory sitting on shelves.
  • Easy to change prices, check stock levels and manage your inventory for maximum profit.
  • Hand held Portable Data Entry Terminals for quick inventory counts
  • Multi-level Recipe control to track ingredients and create usage reports of base products. Uses Parent/Child relationships to link products.
  • Multi-location and multi-Venue inventory management.

Portable Data Entry for Stock ControlPDE

  • Stocktake (Physical Inventory) using a hand held Portable Data Entry (PDE) device to scan bar codes or PLU numbers.
  • Speed up the Stocktake process by only having to press {Scan} then quantity. No searching through pages of information looking for the product.
  • The time saved in doing accurate Stocktakes easily justifies the investment of the hand held PDE.
  • Bar Codes and descriptions are transferred to the PDE so that when you scan, the product description is displayed on the screen.
  • Scan cartons and bottles of the same product and let the computer work on the variance in bottles automatically.
  • Multiple PDE’s can be used to cover large venues.
  • Can be used for stock transfers as well as Stocktakes.
  • New bar codes are quickly identified as not being on file so you can automatically add them for existing products.
  • Can automatically add products not counted to complete a physical stock count. (Stocktake)
  • Easy to see Variance by Location and overall variance and value for the venue before committing the Stocktake.
  • Create orders on Suppliers using the PDE to scan existing shelf bar codes.
  • Use the PDE to “shop-the-shop” for price checking and adding new products using your existing selling prices.


  • Track Suppliers (wholesalers) and Product Manufacturer for rebate schemes.
  • Products can be managed in single units but ordered in cases.
  • Products can be linked to multiple suppliers showing the minimum purchase quantity, last purchase price and date, for each Supplier of that inventory item.
  • History of all purchases from Suppliers with price variances over any period.
  • Ability to create purchase orders on Suppliers with a wizard and automatically fill orders based on reorder quantities.
  • Average the freight cost across the invoice to create a true cost per item.

Electronic Commerce Features

  • Automate your entire inventory management system using electronic product/price books provided by Suppliers.
  • Add new products electronically from the Supplier’s Price Book into your SwiftPOS software with a single mouse click.
  • Create Sales Scan Data files that can be automatically emailed to buying groups.
  • Reduce the manual data entry work involved in entering invoices from Suppliers.
  • Create Purchase Orders and email them directly to your supplies in a simple data structure.
  • The transfer of documents can be by email with checks in place to avoid posting duplicate invoices from suppliers.
  • Electronic Trading Interfaces include;
  • Metcash Host Interface (ALM Australia & Allied Liquor NZ)
  • CEPO Host Interface (Australia)
  • Capital Liquor Interface (Australia)
  • HLW Interface (Australia)
  • Generic Interface documented in the manual that can be used by any supplier