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We can help your club maximise revenue through our powerful marketing tools.


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Campaigns, Vouchers, SMS, Email, Social Media POS Features

Get the most out of your POS and increase repeat business with our advanced Marketing POS Capabilities


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The Ideal POS for Pubs, Hotels, Small Bars, Nightclubs and Smallbars

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Advanced Mix n Match features.

Use our POS to upsell to maximise your per customer spend.

Point of Sale that Drives Your Marketing

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Vouchers can be triggered as part of customer spend based on specific items or dollar value spend at POS.  Gift Cards, Loyalty Rewards, Special Offer, Free Coffee, Birthday Rewards Etc.

Use to apply Discounts, Loyalty Rewards and Purchase Restrictions over multiple sale transactions at POS. 10th Coffee Fee

Earn entries into Major Promotional Draws based on cumulative dollars spent or qty of items spent at POS. Virtual Draws mean no more paper tickets for your members.

Create questionnaires  for your customers to give you the feedback to improve customer service.  Trigger an email or SMS based on purchases to gain feedback. “How was your meal today?”

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Sydney’s Specialists in POS Hardware, Software & Systems

For many businesses across Sydney and NSW, there are few products as central and important to their daily operation as Point of Sale systems. Whether your concern is a bar, club, pub, grocery store or restaurant, your POS systems is part of every sale, and vital to your ongoing success. INFINITePOS offer huge advantages to those managers willing to optimise their POS solution. We sell cutting edge POS hardware and software from the best suppliers, delivering a fully-functional product to you quickly and reliably so you can get back to making money.

However, we aim for our systems to be far better than just functional. INIFINITePOS firmly believe that good POS can both save money on your existing transactions as well as drive bigger and more frequent sales. When you seek a POS solution from our stock you make an investment in the future growth of your business. We work hard every day to see that it pays off for our clients in Sydney and across NSW.

Make your POS systems the driving heart of your NSW business with help from our integration specialists

Committing to a new club Point of Sale system doesn’t always mean more transaction mistakes and lower efficiency while your business adjusts. INFINITePOS pride ourselves on the abilities of our POS integration specialists, who help to make sure our products are a boost to your business from the moment they’re installed.

Pay for the products that you need, as our specialists can recommend items of POS software and hardware for your business and discuss how to harness their power most effectively. We can help set up a Point of Sale system to meet your demands from day 1, whether you prioritise total inventory and production control or integrated support for POS marketing promotions. And our team will continue to provide this attentive support for you and your system long after it is set up and turning you a profit, ready to take your calls whenever you reach out to us.

POS Systems and support to enhance the function of any Sydney business

More than just a POS and swiftPOS hardware and software supplier, INFINITePOS are experts on the deployment and optimal use of these Point of Sale systems and techniques. A great pub Point of Sale system is one of the strongest marketing tools your business has. INFINITePOS can deliver a system capable of automatically managing customer raffles, membership rewards and discounts, vouchers and gift cards, customer surveys and other POS marketing programs that will raise customer retention and improve your public profile.

Our team understand that you buy our products to last, and so we provide the highest quality support for them even after a successful deployment. When you buy your POS hardware or software such as swiftPOS from us you’re purchasing peace of mind that your system will stay up and functional for as long as you need it.